It so happened that in may 2019 I managed to get to one of the most closed countries in the world - North Korea. I think about the trip to this country for a long time. At one time, I worked with North Korean doctors for about 7 years and heard and read a lot about it. Also, my ideas about the country consisted of rare television programs and unsuccessful photos of bloggers from the bus window. So I wanted to see this other world with my own eyes.
       North Korea is a state of victorious socialism, the worldview of which is based on the "Juche ideas". To put it briefly, this means that "the master of revolution and construction is the masses, and that they are the driving force in the revolution and society." Currently, the DPRK is implementing the Songun policy, the basis of which is a military-oriented society, ready to defend the conquests of Korean socialism with weapons in its hands. The "General", "our young leader" comrade Kim Jong-UN, grandson of Kim Il-Sung, together with the Labor Party of Korea acts as the conductor of Songun's policy.
         In my trip, I wanted to see how things really are in the DPRK, how ordinary people live, children, and how they look at the world. I had to drive almost the entire territory of about 2 thousand kilometers by car. To my regret, the templates created by the media regarding this country are very firmly entrenched in the minds of our compatriots. And even my photos have caused some of my friends distrust about life in North Korea. See my photos and draw your own conclusions.